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Irokeesi is the leading experiential marketing agency in Finland.

Our main services are in-store promotions, events and festivals, shopping mall tours, street team activations, b-to-b promotions. We work together with brands to come up with experiential concepts that will support your marketing, PR and business goals.

Irokeesi is highly recommended and trusted by its clients. Our portfolio includes Coca-Cola Finland, Glaceau Vitaminwater, Procter&Gamble, Schwarzkopf, Fazer, Suomen Nestle, Arla Ingman, Raisio, Bonnier Publications, The Voice, Pernod Ricard Finland, L’Oreal, Paulig, to name a few.

We also work constantly with leading advertising and media agencies.

We have 48 employees at our office in Helsinki and 1300 highly motivated promoters working on site.

We have organized hundreds of event days at shopping malls, at summer festivals and in nightclubs and over 5 000 event days at retail stores during the last year alone. Our network of outgoing and professional promoters covers all the cities in Finland. We also work on international projects together with our partners in different market areas.

Experiential marketing allows customers to engage and interact with brands, products, and services in extremely effective ways.

Personal experiences help people connect to a brand and make intelligent and informed purchasing decisions. We make actual customer experiences with the brand / product / service that drive sales and increase brand image and awareness.

It’s the difference between telling people about features of a product or service and letting them experience the benefits for themselves.

When done right, it’s the most powerful tool out there to win brand loyalty and increase sales.

We can offer you great knowledge, a long history with multiple brands and also a motivated, open-minded and an enthusiastic team.

To achieve exceptional results you need to challenge us. We love new challenges no matter how big or small.

Events, festivals, fairs
In-store promotion and activations
Shopping mall tours
Street team activations
Guerilla marketing
Corporate events
Sponsorship activation
Pop-up stores
Influencer marketing
Marketing material

Join us

We are always looking for new, motivated and experienced promoters to work on our wide variety of projects for our clients. We have an organization of 48 employees at our office in Helsinki and 1300 promoters working on site. If you have experience in promotion work and experiential marketing, please fill in the recruiting form and send your CV! or (In Finnish)